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Tips to Prepare for your Oahu Family Portrait Session | Caroline Wilhite Photography

Here’s a short video about preparing for a family photo session:


*It’s a good idea for everyone to wear outfits in the same color palette.  Soft colors and pastels are nice for a soft airy look. Clothing with thin stripes and patterns are not liked by the camera and will look distorted. Also, pendant necklaces move around a lot and can easily be off center.

*If your kids see that you’re excited about the photo session, they’ll have a much better attitude, and we'll probably get more authentic smiles.  If you’re having fun, they’ll usually join in!  Also, lots of hugs and words of affirmation from Mom and Dad on the day of the shoot really helps get kids in a great mood. Bribing is a last resort.  :)

*Men may want to shave right before the session so as not to have a 5 0’clock shadow. 

*Bring your lipstick/gloss and a mirror to reapply during the shoot.  They usually wear off within the first 20 minutes for some reason.

*It’s also a good idea for everyone to brush their teeth right before leaving the house and not eat any snacks until after the session.  Goldfish teeth aren’t a great look in portraits.  ;0)

*Make sure the kids are well fed before the shoot.  We want them to be happy and content.  Since the session will probably take place around dinner time, you may want to bring drinks and snacks for the ride home.

*For toddlers, you may want to bring some of their favorite toys or their favorite stuffed animals as props. They will love those photos when they grow up!

I’d also like to know what your vision is for your portraits.  Do you like more posed portraits or casual documentary style portraits?  Do you have certain poses or combinations in mind?